FREE NHS Hertfordshire Talking Therapies Service

Working together to improve mental health.

We are inviting men across Hertfordshire to consider accessing the free service, NHS Talking Therapies, for anxiety and depression.

It has been found that men may not access services for mental health support due to fearing it means something is wrong with them, worrying about what others may think, or feeling it is just a phase. None of these reasons are true. However, for men who are feeling something is not quite right, you’re certainly not alone and support is out there for you.

 Common mental health difficulties include:

–          Low mood

–          Feeling stressed

–          Trouble sleeping/tiredness all the time

–          Feeling alone

–          Tearfulness

–          Worrying frequently

–          Poor physical health

This service offers confidential and free support to work out how you can start to feel better. There is no need for a doctor’s appointment.

These treatments include:

–           Individual sessions. Face to face – Telephone – Video call

–           Online support including SilverCloud. Personalised Interactive Programme (Accessible 24 hours)

–           Guided self-help (With telephone support)

–           Workshops and groups

–           Practical support (Extensive signposting – resourcing for specialist support)

–           Live and interactive webinars.

–           Support for long term physical health condition.

–           As well as counselling approaches.

You can self-refer to our service via our website:

NHS Hertfordshire Talking Therapies service (previously known as the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service, IAPT) provide free access to talking therapies through a wide range of different treatments for adults with common mild-moderate mental health problems.  

For further details and how to access our service please see our website: 

If you would like to learn more about how we can connect with you, please get in touch to set up a call or meeting. As an NHS service there are of course no charges involved at any point.