Communities 1st Training Tuesdays

JOCA is delighted to highlight Communities 1st’s Training Tuesdays run throughout Hertfordshire.

Communities 1st develops, connects and supports local voluntary and community organisations, helping to improve the quality of peoples lives across the districts of St. Albans, Hertsmere, Broxbourne and East Herts. 

Below are a list of events taking place in February. To view all services and events please visit their website:

Make Do and Mend
In this face-to-face session in Borehamwood, participants will learn simple hand sewing techniques that will enable them to repair much-loved clothes and make them wearable again.
No sewing skills are needed. Just bring your garments that need repairing.7th February 2023 – 10am – 1pm Register here

Diabetes Awareness Training
This one hour awareness session aims to impart knowledge and understanding of diabetes. The session will give an understanding of the signs and symptoms and risk factors of Type 1 and 2 diabetes. It will provide participants with preventive measures they can take and talk about the correlation between food and diabetes.  7th February 2023 – 11am – 12pm Register here

Dementia Friends Information Session
This Zoom session will give you the opportunity to learn more about what it is like to live with dementia and turn that understanding into action. 8th February 2023 –  11am – 12pm Register here

HIV – Awareness and Support
This online course explains, among other things, the difference between AIDS & HIV, Identify routes of HIV transmission and ways to support someone living with HIV.  10th February 2023 –  11am – 1pmRegister here

Shopping on a Budget 
This face-to-face course in Borehamwood helps you understand the benefit of shopping on a budget. It will look at current shopping habits and highlight areas where savings can be made. 22nd February 2023 – 10am – 1pm Register here

Deaf Awareness Training
This online session will give the confidence and basic skills to communicate with those who are living with deafness and hearing loss. It will enable them to understand deafness, signs that someone can’t hear you, body positions and communicating. 22nd February 2023 – 10am – 12pm Register here

Anyone can Volunteer
If you wish to take your first steps towards volunteering, this one hour online session will aim to answer the how, where, when, why and what of volunteering.
The session will cover an understanding of volunteering and its roles, volunteering with benefits, researching volunteering roles and identifying skills. This online session is for anybody who is looking to embark on their volunteering journey. Please note this session is on Zoom.  24th February 2023 – 11am – 12pm Register here