Thank you Darren and Stevenage Striders!

I am proud to be a supporter of JOCA , my only regret is that I hadn’t known or been involved with this great charity even sooner. I have always been someone keen to be apart of the community and give back and that is seen in my business, personal life and with my friends.

Since my involvement with fundraising and making people aware of JOCA, I have always had the ethos of giving back and it is not always about money, I find your time is equally as valuable and for a charity that is helping men and women’s mental health and wellbeing then just being there or helping support those in fundraising makes me proud to be apart of JOCA and long may it continue.

Justin and his charity including all vital Patrons are a credit to JOCA and the local community of which I am now a lifelong supporter.

Best wishes. 

Darren Gilbert on behalf of Stevenage Striders.

A big thanks to Darren and Stevenage Striders who raised a fantastic £750.00 for JOCA during their recent 10k Run.