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Following the tragic loss of two young playing members at Welwyn Rugby Club through suicide, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to offer support, guidance and a friendly ear in a time of need. And that steps should be taken to help destigmatise mental health amongst young men and women. Helped by some other like-minded club members JOCA (Just One Click Away) was born.

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JOCA was a massive help to me. They helped me when I was really low and was in a very bad place, when I needed someone to talk to while the NHS wasn’t a massive help and I needed someone to talk to who wasn’t in the friendship group or my family. They put me on the right path with information into how to deal with stuff, every time I had a JOCA counselling session I have always come out of it positive and always set a new goal for the next meeting.

JOCA helped me get job interviews and eventually employed again, sorted me transport and has helped me financially. Life is getting better now thank you JOCA. Helen my JOCA Buddy was excellent.


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Whatever your problems, issues or concerns we are here to listen and help. The JOCA Welfare team can be contacted 24/7 via our email address or via the form below - we'll get straight back to you. We will respect your privacy at all times. One of the committee will offer a friendly ear and where necessary signpost you to other organisations for support and assistance.


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Our Mission Statement

To create a better understanding of and to destigmatise mental health and mental well-being amongst the players and members of Welwyn Rugby Club.

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